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Recipe Adventure: 3 Frozen Fruit Treats To Beat the Heat

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/24 12:31A hortonj4
Ever look at the ingredients in a popsicle? Most are basically made out of water, sugar, corn syrup, various thickening gums and some seriously vibrant coloring agents. (Red dye 40, anyone?) The...

What To Know About Uterine Fibroids After Menopause

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/24 12:29A capasa
Uterine fibroids are incredibly common — up to 80% of women and people assigned female at birth (AFAB) will develop them by age 50 — and can cause a variety of different symptoms, from incredibly mild to more intense. And while we don’t know what...

How To Clean Your Toothbrush

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/24 12:29A Family Health Team
Over the years, people have tried all sorts of ways to clean their toothbrushes. Some run it through the dishwasher. Others soak the head in mouthwash or effervescent denture cleaner. Others freeze it, boil it or invest in a pricey ultraviolet...

How To Deal With Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/24 12:23A hollowc2
Your hair grows in cycles. While some of the hairs on your head are actively growing , others are chilling out in a resting phase. Eventually, the hairs in the resting phase fall out, and new hairs sprout in their place. At different times in...

Breastfeeding Positions: What’s Best for You and Your Baby?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/23 12:23A schneik4
You’ve just had a new baby . It’s an exciting time full of new memories. And the time spent between you and your child while breastfeeding can be one of the most intimate experiences. In addition to...

Best Exercises To Reduce Spasticity

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/23 12:22A zaleska
Spasticity is a common side effect of certain neurological conditions. And while the word might make you think of muscle spasms, it’s much different from what you might think. Oftentimes, you may hear the word ‘muscle spasm,’ ‘stiffness’ or even...

Do Uterine Fibroids Cause Fatigue? What You Can Do About It

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/23 12:21A capasa
Uterine fibroids affect anywhere from 40% to 80% of women and those assigned female at birth (AFAB). And while these noncancerous growths on your uterus are common, they affect everyone differently. For some, symptoms might be mild or...

Recipe: Japanese Turnips With Greens

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/23 12:20A coolicc
Japanese turnips are a common find at farmers’ markets. They’re small, round and white, and look a little bit like radishes. They have a mild, sweet and earthy turnip flavor and are usually sold with the green attached, which we use in this...

How to Gain Weight Safely

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/22 12:30A coolicc
Often, when we talk about our health, we talk about losing weight. But sometimes, there’s a need to actually put on weight. This might seem counterintuitive, but there are several scenarios where your doctor might ask for you to gain weight, no...

Here’s the Right Order to Apply Your Skin Care Products

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/22 12:29A kaputk
There are so many skin care products out there to choose from. How do you decide which ones are best for your skin? And in what order should you apply them? It’s a lot to try to figure out on your own. Cosmetic and surgical dermatologist Kiyanna...

Is It Healthy To Drink Water Before Bed?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/22 12:28A capasa
Like many of us, you probably have a tall glass of water on your nightstand, ready to quench that morning thirst. But what are the benefits (and possible drawbacks) of drinking water right before bed? While staying hydrated throughout the day is...

Does TikTok’s ‘Internal Shower’ Drink Work?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/22 12:28A kaputk
Chia seeds aren’t just for quirky indoor gardening anymore! First, chia seed water made waves on social media for its alleged ability to help with weight loss. Now, it’s making the rounds again, but for a different reason. Nicknamed the “internal...

Children Under 5 Are Now Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/21 5:31A capasa
It’s been a long time coming , but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just deemed the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and effective for children under 5. This means that the youngest of the population — from 6 months...

Why Do I Get White Spots on My Skin From the Sun?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/21 12:27A Family Health Team
Nothing heats things up quite like the summer sun. But even on the cloudiest days, too much sun exposure could cause a variety of skin conditions to flare up. One of the most common symptoms of sun exposure often deals with changes in the pigment...

What Vaccines Are Required for School?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 6/21 12:26A Children's Health Team
Back-to-school checklists can be extensive. There are clothes to buy, books to read and supplies to purchase. After you’ve taken care of the backpack, lunchbox, folders, binders, glue sticks and markers, next on the list is reviewing any vaccines...
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