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6 Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/21 12:23A coolicc
Asparagus spears make an elegant side dish, but this member of the lily family might be just as well known for making your pee smell strange . If you’ve got kids, they’ve likely giggled over this phenomenon — thank goodness it’s short-lived. A...

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/21 12:22A bigleyj
It’s common to feel turned upside down whenever something unexpected happens in our lives or because the state of the world is … well, not so great. When this occurs, we may often attribute our lingering sense of doom and dread to depression....

How To Store Your Breast Milk Safely

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/21 12:20A admin
The old adage says there’s no use crying over spilled milk. But when it’s milk for your little one, it’s sad to see any go to waste. With proper planning, you can prevent wasting any breast milk (chest milk) you’ve pumped to nourish your baby or...

Recipe: Grilled Flank Steak Salad With Green Beans

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/21 12:19A Family Health Team
Learn how to make a great marinade, as well as your own vinaigrette salad dressing with flavors of Dijon mustard and tarragon. Grill steak and serve over salad greens and green beans, drizzled with dressing. Ingredients For the steak and...

Smile Salvation: What To Do if Your Kid’s Tooth Is Knocked Loose

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/20 12:35A milnea
Kids are amazing. That scraped knee that would have you laid up all weekend? They run on it. That tumble they took at the roller rink? It was upsetting for a moment, sure. But then they were back up and rolling away before you could even catch...

Back Pain, Your Spine and Father Time: 13 Ways To Treat Age-Related Back Pain

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/20 12:34A milnea
With age comes wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, aches and pains tend to tag along for the ride. Spinal aging may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it. Pain management specialist Ellen Rosenquist, MD , shares...

5 Health Benefits of Basil

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/20 12:30A coolicc
More than a pop of color for your latest culinary creation, basil leaves provide benefits that are almost endless. “Basil contains nutrients and compounds that can help stave off chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and...

How To Give Yourself a Subcutaneous Injection

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/20 12:30A schneik4
If you’re like us, you may have a slight (OK, major) fear of needles . And if you have a medical condition that requires you to give yourself a subcutaneous (subQ or SQ) injection at home, then you may feel anxious or nervous about having to do...

On the Road Again With Constipation

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/19 12:35A bigleyj
Of course, you had a four-hour layover at JFK and mindlessly ate too much to avoid roaming around the terminal. Thankfully, you slept over much of the Atlantic. But then, you had to run to your gate at Heathrow to make your final connection....

Recipe: Lemon-Dill Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/19 12:35A Family Health Team
The classic flavor combination of bright lemon and refreshing dill make a creamy sauce for cooked shrimp, served over an avocado half with crisp greens. This salad can transport easily for lunch away from home, with the items packed separately...

If Your Newborn Has Peeling Skin, Here’s What That Means

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/19 12:30A bigleyj
There’s nothing like the soft feel of your newborn’s skin. But when your infant’s skin goes from perfect to peeling just days after birth, it’s natural to be concerned. “Newborn skin has a lot of adjusting to do after going from the uterus to the...

Burned and Blistering? When To See a Doctor for a Sunburn

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 9/19 12:30A milnea
You spent the day at the beach, frolicking in the waves, and all you have to show for it (besides sand everywhere ) is a giant sunburn. Uh-oh. Do you need to worry? “There are many health problems that can stem from sunburn ,” says dermatologist...

Why Ohio doesn't have an RSV dashboard

News 5 Cleveland (Your Health Matters) 9/18 4:14A Courtney Shaw
Based on the amount of commercials you've seen and how often it's been talked about, you might be wondering why the state doesn't have an RSV dashboard. The state releases COVID-19 and flu numbers on a weekly basis. According to the Ohio...
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