Is Blogging Dead and Can It Make a Comeback?

Someone Like You 9/27 3:46P (SomeoneLike
The other day I was curious if any of the old fashion blogs I used to read were still around. Originally finding them back in 2008/2009 was like discovering a key to another world. I would spend hours...

A New York Story

Someone Like You 9/21 4:05P (SomeoneLike
I've been settling back into my routine here in Brooklyn after spending time in Ohio on and off this summer. I think I finally feel like I'm falling back into the swing of things: just in time to head...

Freezing Time

Someone Like You 9/8 1:25A (SomeoneLike
My grandma passed away on August 13th. Almost a month has passed and I've been wanting to write about it, but it feels like nothing I share would fully capture what she meant to me. Still means. One...

July Favorites

Sharing My Sole 8/25 7:52A Jaclyn
This past week I watched as my friends posted back-to-school photos of their kiddos and it fully dawned on me we’re rounding the corner to the unofficial start of fall. This summer has been busy and...

29th Birthday in Montauk

Someone Like You 8/6 4:31P (SomeoneLike
Outfit Details 60s dress / found in Italy studying abroad in 2015 Earrings / thrifted I turned 29 in Montauk on Monday. ?? I decided to take a solo trip on my own to Montauk for a few days over my...

Loose Ends

Someone Like You 7/28 4:12P (SomeoneLike
I've felt this pull lately and I'm sure you've felt it too. To go back to how things were before social media. It's kinda funny. I fell into my career in social media because of this blog. It fostered...

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

Sharing My Sole 7/8 9:23A Jaclyn
It’s that time of year again… The #NSale is back. Is your IG feed already inundated with Nordstrom posts from influencers?? I always find it fascinating how many things influencers say you ‘neeeeed’...
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