Someone Like You 1/23 4:43A (SomeoneLike
When I was home in Ohio for the holidays, this theme of lineage and traditions kept coming to mind. I think the holidays are perhaps the time of year when most of us have the fondest memories of childhood. It brings about things our parents or...

On Moving On

Someone Like You 1/17 3:17P (SomeoneLike
I started therapy in May of last year after a really hard breakup. They're all hard for different reasons, but I think this one hit in particular because it exposed a lot of patterns of mine that I realized if I didn't fix, I would continue to...

How to GLAM Up your Galentines Gifts!

Glam Karen 1/17 10:27A Glam Karen
Galentines Day : Time to celebrate friendships and treat yo’ selves to some quality GAL time! Sharing glam Galentines Day gift ideas to easily gift right now to your fab friends! FYI: If you watched...

2 Days Only // 25% Off Everlane Favorites

Sharing My Sole 1/16 7:25A Jaclyn
Merino Half Zip Sweater // Straight Leg Crop Pant // Chelsea Boots PSA Sale Alert – Everlane is having a surprise sale of 25% off ALL full-price items for the next 48 hours! Everlane rarely runs...

My Review of Sarah Flint Shoes

Sharing My Sole 1/15 9:11A Jaclyn
Camel Coat // Plaid Pants // Sarah Flint Loafers How are you holding up this month? We’re two weeks into January and admittedly it has already felt long. It’s been very cold and dark in Chicago and...

Planning My 11-Day Solo Trip to Ireland!

Someone Like You 1/3 3:20P (SomeoneLike
If you follow me on Instagram , you know awhile back I announced that I will be going on my dream solo drip to Ireland next month! I visited Ireland when I was studying abroad in Italy in 2015 for a quick weekend trip that has left me dreaming of...

Lingerie As Outwear | Styling a Lace Bustier

Someone Like You 1/3 3:11P (SomeoneLike
Hi everyone! One of my favorite styling tricks I've done over the years is mixing in lingerie as outwear into my everyday looks. I started doing this trick in college after there was no stuffy dress code to abide by, and still do it today! When I...

Maturing My Personal Style

Someone Like You 1/3 3:08P (SomeoneLike
For those of you who have followed me throughout the years, you know my style has changed a lot overtime. From authentic vintage outfits in high school, to more twee-style dressing in college, it took me awhile to find what exactly my personal...

Secondhand First

Someone Like You 1/3 2:29P (SomeoneLike
Secondhand clothing has always been the glue that holds my personal style together. Since I was 16 years old, I've looked to thrift stores, church rummage sales, estate sales, auctions, and consignment stores to drive the inspiration behind why I...

New York City Eats- Taiyaki, Smorgasburg, & Van Leeuwen!

Someone Like You 1/3 2:22P (SomeoneLike
Happy Sunday all! I hope it's been a lovely weekend so far for you. Mine has been quite... filling to say the least! New York City has endless options of foods & sweet treats, and I seemed to have taken advantage of all of them at once this...

Hello Again ??

Someone Like You 1/3 1:46P (SomeoneLike
Hi. It's me. Another three and a half years have passed since I last wrote here and before that, two years. I never stopped thinking about this space through all of the changes in my own life and the platform trends that come and go on the...

Top Purchases of 2021

Sharing My Sole 12/30 1:13P Jaclyn
This phrase is starting to sound like a cliché, but I can’t believe it’ll be 2022 on Saturday. The holiday season went by so quickly and yet I look back at this year and some moments felt...

Ideas to Glam Up Your New Years Eve (at home)

Glam Karen 12/20 2:02A Glam Karen
Staying home this New Year s 2022? But, do you still want to glam up your evening? NYE at home is a very popular idea. If you re looking for a few ideas to upgrade your evening, even if your outfit...

5 Ways to GLAM Up your Gratitude (Acts of Kindness)

Glam Karen 12/14 4:23A Glam Karen
Ready for a kindness challenge? Looking for acts of kindness ideas? Ways to give back? But while giving back still staying within budget? There are dozens and dozens of ways to spread kindness around...
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