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Appraisal Reports Are Like Flipbooks

Cleveland Appraisal 9/29 4:27P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
A flipbook is a book with a series of pictures that change slightly with the turn of each page. When flipping thru one of these books, the viewer’s mind fills in the gaps between pictures so that an...

Traveling Between Homes with Pets – How You Can Make It Work

Cleveland Appraisal 9/23 3:18A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello! I hope you re having a fantastic week! This week I am happy to welcome back guest blogger Shirley Martin. In this article, she offers some great tips on traveling between homes with our pets. I...

How to Ease the Transition to Senior Living

Cleveland Appraisal 9/9 3:56P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello everyone! This week I welcome guest blogger Andrea Gibbs. In this article, she offers some tips on how to transition a loved one to senior living. I hope you find her tips to be helpful! Turning...

What Is a Reconciled Value?

Cleveland Appraisal 9/1 3:58P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Have you ever read thru an appraisal report? You may have noticed that there are three approaches to value. The Sales Comparison Approach, the Cost Approach, and the Income Approach. The Sales...

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home As-Is

Cleveland Appraisal 8/11 12:22A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Do you fix your home up or sell it as-is? That can be a tough question to answer. There are some things to consider before making this decision. This week I welcome back guest blogger Betty White who...

Advantages of Starting Your Business in Cleveland

Cleveland Appraisal 8/3 2:12A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you considering starting a business in the Cleveland area? I moved from Denver, Colorado to the Cleveland area in 1996. It s a great place to start a business! This week I welcome back guest...

Do Appraisal Gap Clauses Impact Appraisals?

Cleveland Appraisal 7/20 11:33A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
I recently gave a presentation and was asked if appraisal gap clauses impact the way appraisers are developing their opinion of value? In other words, do appraisal gap clauses cause appraisers to be...

Making Your First Home Purchase Choice

Cleveland Appraisal 7/16 10:50A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Purchasing your first home is exciting! There are a lot of choices to consider. This week, I welcome back guest blogger Shirley Martin, who shares her insights on this topic. I hope you enjoy this...

Is A Cubicasa Scan an Inspection?

Cleveland Appraisal 7/6 3:16P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
In one Facebook group the other day, (yes, I m back on Facebook ) one member mentioned they feel that a person who scans a property to provide an appraiser with a floor plan should be licensed. What...
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