Any Billing Company can submit your claims; it's what happens before & after the initial submission that makes a difference... a big difference. If you select your billing vendor based on lowest rate, stop reading now. If you’re serious about maximizing your cash flow... continue reading and apply our Signature!

Our fees are based on your monthly billing volumes and insurance collections. If you don’t get paid... we don’t get paid! Your billing department budget will always be in-line because you only pay us a percentage of what we collect, and only after we collect it.

Do you have receivables over 90 days old? Over 180 days? More than 365 days? Why? What’s the probability of ‘collecting’ on an account more than a year old? And more importantly, how did your accounts get that old...especially if you have a billing vendor already processing your claims?!?!

All vendors claim to conduct follow up services. Unfortunately, most do not possess the skills or expertise to properly manage your receivables. At Signature RCM, we have a dedicated A/R Follow Up process, so your claims don’t ‘age’ excessively. Although we won’t divulge our methodologies (why share our success with the competition?), we will reveal we utilize electronic follow-up software, telephone inquiries and web portal access to monitor your claims. We’re “On It”!

You’ll also have a dedicated Account Relations Manager (ARM) with over twenty (20) years average experience. We’re here to help!
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