The Early Intervention Process focuses on helping eligible infants and toddlers develop age-appropriate developmental milestones. A qualified clinician provider will begin to work in the area of the delay(s) in order to ensure that the child reaches the outcomes and goals in their Individualized Family Service Plan.
The clinicians concentrate on cognitive skills, which include problem-solving, play, and thinking. Physical development includes crawling, reaching, rolling, and walking. Speech and language development focuses on the child’s ability to communicate wants and needs, expand the use of words and sentences, understand and express emotions, and recognize and interpret social cues.
Adaptive/self-help skills include the ability to sleep through the night, to self-feed, to clean up toys, imitate housework, and help with dressing and undressing. Social-emotional development includes such abilities such as paying attention to adult figures, transitioning easily from one activity to the next, and cooperating with other kids.
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