At Alliance Packing and Shipping, Inc. (APS), formerly known as "Advanced Packing and Shipping, Inc.," we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier packing, crating, and shipping services at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality is evident in every package we handle, ensuring safe transit through meticulous packing. Our team, skilled in handling delicate items like fine arts, antiques, and electronics, uses a variety of premium materials to meet diverse needs.
As a locally owned and operated company, APS stands out in both residential and commercial sectors. We specialize in accommodating oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped items, crafting bespoke packing and shipping solutions. Our expertise extends to safely and punctually delivering a wide range of items, including electronics, furniture, artwork, and more.
Our certified crating experts are adept at evaluating item value and fragility, selecting the optimal packing and crating methods. We utilize custom wood crates, prefabricated boxes, and sturdy cardboard containers, reinforced with pallets for added stability during transit.
Renowned among art dealers and museums, APS has a long-standing reputation for expertly shipping various artworks, whether it's a delicate painting, a fragile vase, or a sizable sculpture. Trust us to provide exceptional service at a great value, ensuring your prized possessions are in safe hands.
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